Stan Getz — Getz Au Go Go

DJ Greg Gonzalez
2 min readFeb 11, 2021

Remember when you could buy LPs for .98 at Half-Price Books?

I miss those days. Now

I go there just to scoff at their overpriced LPs (and still dig through the 45s)

This is a great album. Recorded live and you can hear the quiet level and dynamics of the band, everybody listening to each other and responding. It’s super chill in the best way.
Some nice touches are 21 year old Gary Burton on vibes (no piano player) adding a great buoyant, dreamlike quality to the music. Also Kenny Burrell on a nylon string guitar playing bossa nova, tastefully strumming the rhythm.

And of course, you cant forget Astrud Gilberto singing with a voice that floats in on clouds smelling like springtime. Stan Getz is good too. Stan’s reedy saxophone sound is understated and deliberate. Gene Cherico takes a nice bass solo on Summertime and thanks to the low volume of the players it might be one of the best sounding/most audible live jazz bass solos from that era.

Thanks for the memories Half-Price Books and whole price records!



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